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Generational Wealth Creation


GenCap Wealth Pty Ltd (GCW) is a generation defining private investment firm focused on lighting up capital pathways for exceptional organisations.

We make a difference by nurturing our investments and valued businesses through expert advice and reimagined growth strategies

Growth Advisory

Our holistic Growth Advisory approach aligns and enhances your business model to grow, value and optimise. We tailor capital market solutions to meet your specific needs and to maximise shareholder value throughout the business lifecycle.

Our ‘Pre-Capital’ advisory service provides clients with an ‘investor ready’ outcome. Once growth capital is secured, our service offering transitions to ‘Growth Advisory’ services. This service phase ensures our clients execute their growth strategy while minimising the pain experienced by too many scaleup businesses.

By creating a differentiated strategy, implementing honed execution disciplines and building leadership capabilities, we remain focused on generating enterprise value for every client.

Our breadth of fundraising opportunities allows us to tailor the capital market solution to the client’s specific needs, maximising shareholder value throughout the company’s lifecycle

Commercial Transactions

Our creative Commercial Transactions service focuses on commercial transactions; we identify, qualify and structure transactions to crystalise asset value and growth through acquisition, mergers, partnerships, restructuring and funding solutions.

Traditionally, companies have been limited to M&A activities in this space. In response, our Commercial Transactions service enables clients to structurally change and invigorate their corporate objectives and capital pathways.

We offer a combination of strategies appropriate to each business. This may include M&A activity, exit deal structuring, restructuring, debt funding and one-off bespoke buy/sell deal making.

Drawing on unconventional wisdom is how wealth is made – we don’t shy behind our capability to be entrepreneurial when structuring a business for the benefit of all stakeholders. 

Our Core Values









Level 38, Riparian Plaza. 71 Eagle St, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

+61 439937976

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GenCap Wealth Pty Ltd (ACN 658 803 831) 


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